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www.dooasia.com > ѧѴź > ҷѨ / The Sanctuary of Truth

ҷѨ / / The Sanctuary of Truth

䫵ѡҧ繷ҧâͧҷѨ http://www.sanctuaryoftruth.com 

dzҪǪ ӺŹ ͺҧاѧѴź
ͷҳ 60 繷駢ͧʶһѵ¡բҴ˭شͧ
ʶһѵ¡觹 Ǻҹ·¡ " ѧҳ "
ҧ¡ʴآͧҤ÷ҧ " ҷ " ҢͧԴмԹáҧ س оѹ ¡Ҥ觹" ҷѨ "


: ҷѨ ʶһѵ¡Ӵѡѧ բҴ˭شš
: dzҪǪ ӺŹ ͺҧا ѧѴź
͡Ẻҧ : ¤س оѹ ҧ .. 2524 ѧ繼ҧͧҳ оԾԸѳҧ طûҡ

: 80
ٻҧ : ҧҤô颹Ҵͧ100x100x100 m3.
㹪ͧҧе : 2,155 square meters
٧ : 100
: 100
ҧ : ..2524

ѵػʧ: йѡҷѨ㹴ҹʶһѵ¡˭شš
ҷҧҹѭŻѲ ʹáǴ¡èѡԨԵõСõ
Ҩ¶֧èͧ˹ѡ֧ ͡Դ 7 ФسͻоĵԻԺѵԷ 4 зš شԴ鹨ԧ š ੾еǺؤš

ҷѨ ԴҪءѹ 8.00.-17.00. ͺҸԵý֡ ʴءѹ 11.30 . 15.30 .


ҷѨ Żʶһѵ¡ҧ˭ȵ ٻ Ф㹴ҹ з͹繶֧ӤѭͧʹлѪҫ觤Өعš ӤѭաС˹觤 ѭ㹡شš˹شԫ繤ѹͧءٻء ҷѨ觹غѵԢ鹨ҡӹ֡ͧѹ͡ ҹҹѺѹ觷ŧšѨҧʹ лѪŻ Ф觷Դ¤ѧ ҡ觷էʹ лѪ ŻһاѺ


س оѹ ෡ѧ ѧ СѧԴ㹡֡Ҥ鹤
¹ ʺóҧҹŻѲ ʹ лѪ ҧͧҳоԾԸѳҧѳ
˹ѡҤҹҹѺ繾ѹ 觷ŧѨҧʹлѪŻ ֧դԴ觷էʹ Ѫ ԴŻһا ʴ͡ªҵѺ

ҹԴдԹԵ觡͡Դ 7 觷Ӥѭ Թ ҷԵ Шѹ дǧ 觻ҷѨʹ觡͡Դ 7 ҹٻѡ觻дѺ㹵ǻҷ
͡ҡѧ觷ͧз觻ԺѵԤسա 4 С ͷšش šؤ () ШѡٻСš(ɼç躹ʹشͧҷ)

ѺͻоĵФسա 4 С ѭѡɳҾѡ躹ʹҤâͧآдҹ
ǴҶʹ͡ ¶֧ ѡѺš - ʹ
Ǵ硨٧ ¶֧ Ե - ׺
Ǵ ˹ѧ ¶֧ ͧѪ - ѭ
Ǵչһ ¶֧ ͤʧآͧš - ѹҾ
ͧš˹شԢͧǵѹ ҡ繤ͧš˹شԢͧǵѹ͡ šؤ ͹Ҥطҷҵ麹šͧش ͧ 5 ѷáѻ š˹ҹҹآ
ҷѨ觹 Ҫͨ˹ѡ֧觡͡Դ 7 Фسͻоĵ
ԺѵԷ 4зšشԴ鹨ԧš ੾еǺؤš
ҧáԶշҧ֧šشԹ ͧػäҡ˹ ֧աõѹҧѺ͸ - Ե㨽٧-µ 觼ҧʴҹҹШѡͧҡҾ˭ͧǵѹ͡ ҡҾ³ ҡҾõط طó Ъҧʵѳ㹵Ѻ 駹ժª㴨˭仡ҡê㨵ͧ

 *** سͺҷاѡ㹡Ҫ͹ԹҧѺ ***

The Ancient City Co.,Ltd.
( Pattaya office )

Address : 206/2 Moo5 Naklua 12 Naklua Rd.,Banglamung
Chonburi 20150 Thailand
Telephone .+660-3822-5407, +660-3836-7229
Facsimile : +660-3836-7845
E-mail : info@sanctuaryoftruth.com

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The Ancient City Co.,Ltd.
( Bangkok office )
Address : 62-74 3Bldg., Ratchadamneonklang Rd., Bovrnivet,
Pranakorn Bangkok 10200
Telephone .+660-2622-3591-2
Facsimile : +660-2622-3593
E-mail : info@sanctuaryoftruth.com

䫵ѡҧ繷ҧâͧҷѨ http://www.sanctuaryoftruth.com 


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Information of The Sanctuary of Truth

The Sanctuary of Truth is a gigantic wooden construction which covers the area of more than two rais. The top point of the building is about 105 meters high. It was constructed to withstand the wind and sunshine on the seashore at Rachvate Cape, Tumbon Naklea, Amphur Banglamung, Chon Buri Province.

The building was constructed according to ancient Thai ingenuity and every square inch of the building is covered with wooden carve sculpture. The purposes of decoration with wooden carve sculptures are to use art and culture as the reflection of Ancient Vision of Earth, Ancient Knowledge, and Eastern Philosophy. With in this complex, visitors will understand Ancient Life, Human Responsibility, Basic Thought, Cycle of living, Life Relationship with Universe and Common Goal of Life toward Utopia.

From the Cold War era until today, the world has been under the influence of western civilization , accentuated by materialism and devotion to advanced technology. Many natural areas have been degraded , and men have drifted away from their old values in such a way that morality and spiritual contentment have become irrelevant to many people. Their attempts to control nature have transformed many people into egotistical individuals who are out to destroy one another through incessant wars and economic plundering. Most are after only happiness in this life, and believing that there is no life after this.
This sanctuary of truth was conceived out of the vision that human civilization has been achieved and nurtured by religious and philosophical has been achieved and nurtured by religious and philosophical truth. This sanctuary was created not from hubris but from goodness drawn from religion , philosophy and art.
Man cannot be born and exist without seven creators. The Sanctuary of Truth presents seven creators through carved wood sculptures which adorn its interior. They are: Heaven , Earth , Father , Mother , Moon , Sun and Stars.
On top of the four spires of the sanctuary, the four elements that will lead to the ideal world according to eastern philosophy are presented
A wood sculpture of a celestial body (Deva) holding a lotus flower , representing the establishment of religion , the pillar of the world
Board 1 : This is a sanctuary where people can gather to recognize the seven creators and the Four elements that will lead to the ideal world whether for each individually or for the whole world.
The steps that humanity must go through to erach such an ideal world include the war between the good and the evil, spiritually and in battlefields. The creator of the art work presented here portrays this through woodcarvings depicting the stories from two greal epics, Mahabharta and Ramayana. These stories are meant to help fight against personnel desires and lust and to extinguish them.
Board 2 : Wood sculptures on the pediment depict Mahisha Sura Mardini, an episode of Turaga Defeating Mahingsa the ogre, symbolizing iqnorance conquered by wisdom.
Wood sculptures in the front gable depict parents, as the creators who give life to their offspring. Parental love is clean and pure. It id giving without taking, just like water in a clear stream that refreshes the heart and soul.
The kindness of a father and a mother id greater than the sky and the ocean.
Board 3 : Carvings depict episodes from the Krishnavatar, the 8th reincarnation of Vishnu. They iclude Krishna on his cow Vardhana, Krishna standing on the head of Naga, Krishna and the cowherds, and Krishna on a swing with Radha.
In the epic Mahabharta, which is about the war between Good and evil on the Kurukasetra plain, Krishna drove The chariot of a Pandave king, the representative of Good who was waging war against the Evil, a Kaurava King. Before entering the battlefield, Krishna enlightened The Pandava king do that he would understand and could
Perceive the cycle of birth and death. This became the teaching sermon of Vishnu, known as the Bhagavatgita, on of the most famous texts of Hinduism.
Board 4: Wood sculptures representing the gods of the planet. These plandets move around along their orbits in the sky. They influence all human and the course of life The Deities who control these movements are the gods of the Nine planets. According to an old belief:
The sun represents honor and social status.
The moon represents honor and social atatus.
Mars represents courage and industry.
Mercury represents gentleness.
Jupiter represents wisdom.
Venus represents wealth.
Saturn represents unhappiness and suffering.
Board 5 : Wood sculptures of Chinese supernatural beings, Including the Bodhisatava, as viewed by Mahayan Buddhism is one of the two or branches of Buddhism.
It is sometimes called the large vehicle that will carry people across the cycle of birth and death.
Bodhisatava id the one who will become enlightened and be Buddha, But declines to reach nirvana, wanting to save men from suffering first.
There are countless Bodhisatavas in Mahayana Buddhism, such as Bodhisatvalikotesavara (Kuan Yin), Bodhisatva Manyachusri, etc.
Although born under different circumstances, if they Conduct good deeds and live good lives, men can be Released from the cycle of karma.
Board 6 : Carved work showing that the world is composed of Mahabhutas or the great four elements; earth, water, wind and fire.
The gods these four elements are Brahma, Shiva andVishnu.
Shiva, god of Earht, who stays on top of the Krailas mountain has a third eye in his forehead. When he opens his third eye, whatever he looks at will burn. So he controls Fire.
Vishnu sleeps atop Ananta Nagaraj in the middle of a sea of milk. He is the God of water.
Brahma who rides a swan is the god of the sky and the Wind.

Board 7 : This work indicates that humans art only dust in and will ultimately become one with the universe.
Physical beings deteriorate, ravaged by the time, but truth and goodness are immortal.
Materialistic pleasure is a superficial physical and external joy.
True happiness found in intrinsic spiritual pleasure.
Ideals make human life more meaningful.
Determination to go to the ideal world is something desired by all men.
Every belief, every religion and every philosophy leads there by different paths.


Four faced Brahman surmounts the transept of the front pavilion. Brahma is one of the three major Gods of the Hindu world. Called the Trimuarati, they are brahma, Shiva and Vishnu. Brahma is self-conceived, and he is believed to be the creator of the world and all beings. In Buddhism, the four kharmas of a Brahman include kindliness, benignity, rejoicing in others good fortune and equanimity.

To ponder the great questions of heaven and earth and yet live for humanity, to study and teach the sublime knowledge of scholars of the past, and to create eternal Peace for all mankind. This id the true goal and the knowledge great men strive to achieve.

 Please visit website at http://www.sanctuaryoftruth.com 

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