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طҹ觪ҵҴǹ/ Hat Wanakon National Park



طҹ觪ҵҴǹ Ҵѹͪͧ͢ѧѴШǺբѹ ʹŧ㹷 Ƿȹºʧ Ҵ¢Ҵ շʹʹдԾѷǢҹѺ վ鹷 ҳ 23,750 38 ҧ ࢵӺ· ӺŤͧ ͧ еӺҧ ͷѺ ѧѴШǺբѹ ѹǹ˭١ ʹ ʹдԾѷ 繵

طҹ觪ҵҴǹ 繻ʧǹ觪ҵԻѧǹлҧ 繷駢ͧǹ· ͧͧШǺբѹ ǹҧ ǹءҵҧ ʶҹǹҧ ͧͷѺ ѧѴШǺբѹ ʶҹǹҧ١¡ԡ ͷҧչº·ШѴطҹ觪ҵ ֧͹鹷觹ͧطҹ觪ҵԴԹõէҳ 2532 繵 վҪɮաҡ˹dzԹѧǹ ҧ § 㹷ͧӺ· ͧШǺբѹ еӺҧ ͷѺ ѧѴШǺբѹ ͷ 38 ҧ »СҪԨҹມ 109 ͹ 126 ŧѹ 30 ѹҤ 2535 Ѻطҹ觪ҵӴѺ 76 ͧ

طҹ觪ҵҴǹ 㹷ͧͧ ͷѺ ѧѴШǺբѹ շҧöҹ͹ҧͧ鹷 ҳࢵ˹͵ԴԹԷҹѧǹ ФµǨǹᴹ 騴¤͡ ʶҹս֡Եǹʵ Էɵʵ ȵѹ͡ зȵѹྪ ·طҹ觪ҵҴǹ繷ҺѧҴ 2 Шҹ з· ·Ӥѭ ¤ͧԹǧ żҹ͹ҧͧ鹷 ҳչ Ĵ駢Ҵ繪ǧ

鹷طҹ觪ҵҴǹõࢵҤͧ վ鹷Դ½觷 ѡɳĴ١Ũ֧ᵡҧѹҡѡ Ҿҡ͡ 3 Ĵ١ Ĵٽ ͹Ҥ֧ҧ͹Ҥ 繪ǧѹ§Ѵ ѧͧҡȵӾѴҹҤ ͨҡ鹶֧͹Ȩԡ¹áѹ͡§˹;Ѵ ѧսء֧ͧ͹ѹҤ ҳӽµʹҡ 1,100 Ĵ˹ ͹Ҥ֧͹Ҿѹ 繪ǧѹ͡§˹;Ѵ سŴŧ ҡ˹繤駤 سԨŴŧش͹ѹҤҤ سµش͹Ҥ 20 ͧ Ĵ͹ 鹵͹Ҿѹ֧͹Ҥ 繪ǧ¹Ĵ й繪ͧҧͧѧҡĴѹ͡§˹ سԨ٧ ҡȨ͹੾͹չҤ֧͹Ҥ س٧ش͹¹ҳ 29 ͧ سµʹ 27 ͧ

طҹ觪ҵҴǹ繾鹷ǹ ҡ·ҧתѹҵԨ֧ҡѡ Ҿҷ辺㹻Ѩغѹ֧͹ҧ觻Сͺ ҪҴ 繺dz᤺ǪҴ⢴ԹѺԷԾŨҡ ѹӤѭ ʹ ١ҧ ⾷ ͷ շ мѡ駷 ອó dz Ҿ繻蹷ͧ ѹ辺 ҧ ࡴ д Ф Ф ¹ͧ Ӵ ạ ạ ҹ ҧ ªҧ תҧ ԧ ҹҧ Һ ˹ ˹ ҹ ˹ Т Թٹ dzШҹз· ѹ辺颹ҴԭԺ⵪ Ѵ 繵 Ѻѹ١㹾鹷ǹ ʹ ͡ҹ жԹç ٤Ի ٳ ѡ ´ 繵

Ҿ鹷袹Ҵ繻 ѵҷ辺ըӹǹªԴ ǹ˭繹Դҧ §ԡ 鹷·´ ҧ ҧ͡ ᫧ҧ ᫧ҧǧ ТҺ §ԡ ա ҧࢹҹ Һ Һ ˭ ʹǹ ͡ лٴ ҧ˧͡ 蹺ҹ ҧ蹡Թѧ ѵ§١¹ ͡ е» ѧ͹ عѢ駨͡ ѵ¤ҹ СǴ ١л ѵԹԹ ҧ ´ ѵաд١ѹѧ辺ǪҴ ʩǹ ·Ѻ ¹ ਴ 繵

طҹ觪ҵҴǹäͺ鹹ӻҳ 15.36 ҧ ѵӷ辺繨ӾǡҹӨ״ Ҵء Ҫ͹ Ң ҹ ǹͧѾҡŨоҡк͡ ҡо աع ԴԹ Сѧ Żѧ 㹺dzШҹз·

Ҵѹͪͧ͢ѧѴШǺբѹ Ҵ¢Ҵ ʹѺѺǡѧ⢴Թŧ㹷 ˹͢Һ½շʹʹдԾѷǢҹ仡Ѻ
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繺dz駹Ӫ½觷Ũҡҹѧǹ֧ҡͧӨ״ ѡɳ˹Ҽ ⢴Թ 觪ѹ §蹡з觻ҹѺ§ʹ ҡʺ Ѻ繨ش
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ժҴ·´ǻҳ 100 ǻСѧdz зͧն 繷ͧ蹡ԹѧѺʹ
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7 .ҧ . Ѻ . ШǺբѹ 77130
Ѿ 0 3261 9030 0 3257 4558 reserve@dnp.go.th


Թҧҡا෾ 仵ྪ (ҧǧŢ 4) ҳ 345-346 оҧ¡طҹ觪ҵ ҡҧ¡Թҧա 3 оӡطҹ觪ҵҴǹ

öŧʶҹöѧǹ ʶҹöҧ Թҧö¹ 䫴Ѻҧ

öøҨҡا෾϶֧طҹ觪ҵ Ҥ 150 ҷ öûѺҡȨҡ ا෾ ֧طҹ觪ҵ Ҥ 210 ҷ

վ鹷ҧ繷 Ҵҳ 20,000 ҧ ͧ-ͧآ dzҴǹԡ ҹö繷ҡҧͧ ͵Դ͢ԡ繷ͧطҹ觪ҵ դҺԡѵҢѺԴ Ҵͧ繷 ػóСͺ ´ǡѺѡ繷ԴͺѺطҹ觪ҵµç


ἹѧѴطҹ觪ҵҴǹ/map of Hat Wanakon National Park


Hat Wanakon National Park

General Information
Hat Wanakon is the 18th and currently newest Marine National Park in Thailand (1995). It was opened by royal decree on 30th December 1992. The park covers a total area of 38km2 which also makes it the smallest Marine National Park. The park is relatively close to Bangkok being 315kms south. Prior to becoming a National Park, Hat Wanakon was an Arboretum and Silviculture Station, and has long been associated with forestry. The park consists of a terrestrial and marine section, the landward part (59.5%) is dominated by beach forest and plantations. The marine section (40.5%) is nearshore sandy beach and the deeper water surrounding two islands 6km offshore.

The islands offshore of Hat Wanakon were created in a most macabre way according to a local legend. Once upon a time there was an old couple who had a young beautiful daughter. It occured that she was courted by two young men. One was a chinese boy who was of royal decent, the other a local boy from Phetchaburi. One of the suitors approached the father about marrying the daughter, while the other approached the mother. The parents did not realise that their daughter was being courted by two different men. On the day of the wedding, the two grooms arrived at the same time and this caused much trouble. The mother and father argued about which one should marry their daughter. The arguement was so heated that the father became very angry. He then blamed all the problems on his daughter. He was so angry he grabbed her and tore her in two (possibly half for each of the suitors)! One half he threw to the north, this part fell into the sea just offshore of Khao Sam Roi Yot to form Nomsao Island the other half he threw east and it fell into the sea near Chonburi to form Nomsao Island. (The Thai word Nom means breast and the word Sao refers to a young girl!). The wedding presents the father threw into the sea offshore, and today they form Chan Island and Thaisi Island.

Hat Wanakon is located on a narrow coastal plain which stretches from the mountains of the Tennessarim to the gulf of Thailand. The deposits are of Quaternary origin and consists of layers of material laid down in horizontal beds. The deposits are dominated by Quartz sands, with a partical size ranging from sand to pebbles. Some of the beds also have sandstone rock fragments. The particals in the beds show a degree of rounding probably produced by fluvial action. The degree of rounding, <40% is quite low and indicates the deposits are youthful, probably only having been transported the 11km from the mountains inland. These deposits can be clearly seen forming the cliffs surrounding Makha Bay.

Forest resource in the Hat Wanakon National Park is the mixed forest and generally, it's tall forest consists of bamboo, mikey tree, yang na, oramosia and pterocarpus. The former forest in the Hat Wanakon National Park is the replenished forest mixed together with recovered natural forest and replanted tree such as myrtle and lagerstroemia etc.

Wild Animals
Wild animals were founded totally 61 types, many are edible-nest swiftlet, other wild animals are birds totally 48 types, and other kinds of 13 wildlifes such as jungle fowl, squirrel, treeshrew, lepus pequensis, skink, canis aureus, shake and porcupine etc.

Sea Resources
There are a lot of aquatic animals such as shrimp, fish, coral, turtle some kinds of dolphin. In addition, around Chan island and Tai Tsea island, there is some beautiful coral reef and in the ocean also found the source of sea grass e.g. phom nang grass. While some rock area and plain along a beach is the natural place for incubating and growing of mussels.

Wanakorn Beach
Wanakon Beach, is a popular daytrip destination with visitors coming to relax on the beach, go swimming and to picnic under the trees. The beach is very long and of clean soft sand. The water is suitable for swimming although care must be taken after heavy rainfall as jellyfish can occur. A 1km walk north up the beach is an area where rocks extend out to sea, a good place for observing marine life and snorkling.

Makha Bay
Makha Bay viewpoint, is located on the two headlands surrounding Makha Bay. They can be reached by either walking the 4kms along the beach or follow one of the trails through the plantations. The second viewpoint is reached after a further kilometer. There are picnic benches and shade provided by trees. The views across the bay and out to the islands are very picturesque.

Chan Island and Thaisi Island
There is a 100 meters white sand beach and coral at the end of the island. It has two caves here which live by many thousands of swallow birds.

Contact Address
Hat Wanakon National Park
Mu 7, Huai Yang Sub-district, Amphur Thap Sakae Prachuap Khiri Khan Thailand 77130
Tel. 0 3261 9030 Fax 0 3257 4558 E-mail reserve@dnp.go.th

How to go?
By Car
Drives on the road no. 4, Petchakasem, from Bangkok to Prachub Kirikant, about 345 kilometers long, to Amphoe Tam Skare where far from Prachuap Khiri Khan Province about 23 kilometers.

By Train
You can take a train at Wang Duan station or Huay Yang and then get a car or a motorcycle taxi.

By Bus
Takes a normal bus from Bangkok to this national park which costs you about 150 baht or by a air-conditioning bus which costs about 210 baht.

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