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طҹ觪ҵ§/ General Information


ŷ §” Ҩҡͷ¡ѧѴʹյ طҹ觪ҵ§طҹ觪ҵáͧѧѴ վ鹷ͺͧͧ ѧ ѧѴ Թ ʺҺ ѧѴӻҧ Ҿ٧ѺѺ͹ Ƿȹйӵ§ ӵǧ ӵ맹 պ͹͡ 繺͹͹ 觵鹹Ӹ ͷҳ 256,250 410 ҧ

ѡɳԻ ѡɳԻ٧ѹ Ҵѹ»ҳ 80 ͧ ش٧شҡдѺӷ 1,267 ٧ͧ鹷ҡдѺӷ»ҳ 800 »ҴԺлອó͡ҷǪ ˹Ҽ٧ѹѺѺ͹觡Դͧ ͡ Թ ҡ ӹҢҢͧ Թ ԹԴҡü¢ͧ繴Թǹ աк¹Ӵ dzҺԧѡɳ١ѧ ´Թդشóҡ

ѡɳҡ ҡȢͧطҹ觪ҵ§ ͡ 3 Ĵ١ Ĵ͹ ҧ͹չҤ-Ҥ س٧شҳ 39 ͧ ͹¹ Ĵٽ ҧ͹Զع¹-Ҥ Ĵ˹ ҧ͹Ȩԡ¹-Ҿѹ سԵشҳ 13 ͧ ͹ѹҤ

תóѵ Ҿҵ͹ͧ͡ѡɳ繻ҴԺ ǹ͹ҧѡɳ繻ອó ѹӤѭ Ф ҧ Ӵ ạ д ᴧ ѡ觢лҧ ǹתҧ繾ǡ誹Դҧ ͧԹ 繵 ѵҷ¾㹻觹 ҧ Ъҧ ١ѡͺҧ˹ѡ ѵ좹Ҵ ٻ ͡ йԴҧ ժء㹺dzغ 觹ӵҧ

ҹҵԷ§ طҹ觪ҵ§Ѵ鹷ҧ֡Ҹҵ㹡֡кȢͧ ҡ·ҧҵ 4 鹷ҧ

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. 1 . ѧ . 54160

Ѿ 0 19521013, 0 6196 7980 reserve@dnp.go.th

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ҹ¢ͧ֡ ˹ԹҢͧ֡ͧطҹ觪ҵ ѡͧǨлзѺ

ἹѧѴطҹ觪ҵ§/map of General Information

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طҹ觪ҵ§/ General Information


General Information
Wiang Kosai is the first national park in Prae Province. It covers Long District and Wang Chin District, Prae Province and Tern District, Sobprab District and Mae Ta District, Lampang Province. There are crossed over by high steep mountains and many beautiful waterfalls, e.g. Mae Koeng Luang, Mae Koeng Noi, and also Mae Jork Hot Spring which is the source of rivers and streams. The area of the park is about 410 Km2 (256,250 Rai).

{dd}The landscape is high steep mountains, the average steep is 80 degree. The highest point from sea level equals 1,267 meters whereas the average equal 800 meters. Covering with evergreen forest and mixed deciduous forests and overlapping high steep cliffs that are the sources of many streams e.g. Mae Koeng, Mae Jork, Mae Sin and Mae Pak. Since mountain is sandstone, it makes the soil decayed from the mountain become sandy soil with fine ventilation. The plain area nearby the slopes of the hill is good condition laterite soil.

Summer, March to May, the maximum temperature is around 39?C in April. From June to October is the rainy season and during the winter, November to February, The minimum temperature is around 13?C in December.

Flora and Fauna
In the upper side of the mountain range covers with dry evergreen forests whereas the lower side are mixed deciduous forests. The important plants are Oramosia, rubbers, genus diospyros, Lagerstroemia, red pterocarpus and teaks, and also the forest floor e.g., bamboo, palms, rattans, dendrobium, etc.

The forests are the living place of various kinds of wild animals e.g. tiger, elephant and deer. But a large number of the animals were hunted illegally. Nowadays there are only small animals to see such as barking deer, wild boars, squirrels, chipmunks and several kinds of birds that are plentifully lives in the valleys and river sources.

Mae Koeng Luang and Mae Koeng Noi Waterfalls
Mae Koeng Luang and Mae Koeng Noi Waterfalls are beautiful cascading waterfalls composed of 5 stages like stairs, thus the local words Mae Koeng means stairs. These 2 waterfalls comes join together to Yom River at Ban Sob Koeng, Wang Chin District, Prae Province.

Mae Jork Hot Spring
Located next to Mae Jork School, Mae Pak Sub-district, Wang Chin District, Prae Province. It is a hot spring coming up from the ground having a temperature of about 80?C. It looks strange and very beautiful, especially in the morning that covers with fog coming from steam right here.

Pan Jen Waterfall
A small waterfall located upon Mae Koeng River as same as Mae Koeng Luang waterfall. 1 Km far from the headquarter, at the Ban Khang Jai School then turn right and go foe another 6 Km long.

Dong Ta Kien
In a sidewalk 15 Km from the headquarter is a dense bush of Ta Kien Tong (Hopea odorata Roxb.) with 100 years of age. The biggest one is about 2 meters diameter.

Contact Address
Wiang Kosai National Park
P.O.Box 1 Amphur Wang Chin Phrae Thailand 54160
Tel. 0 19521013, 0 6196 7980 

How to go?
By Car
The major route Bangkok Nakornsawan Pisanulok Prae longs 530 Km. From Den Chai District, Prae Province, to go to Wiang Kosai National Park, take the route Prae- Lampang for 50 Km., then you will reach the intersection to Wang Chin District, Prae Province. Go along the way to Wang Chin district for about 13 Km., there is the intersection to the park Headquarter.

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