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طҹ觪ҵЪ/ Mu Ko Chumphon National Park



طҹ觪ҵЪ شó仴·ѾҡøҵԷҡ ǻСѧѧóҾҵ Ҩ繪Ҵ ѧ ͺ鹷ࢵͻз ͧ ͷ觵 ѧǹ ѧѴ ͷҳ 317 ҧ

.. 2529 ӹѡѧͧ зǧҴ ˹ѧ ԭǹʹͤ͢Դ㹡ҧШѴӼѧͧͧ 觡Ԩó 鹷㹨ѧѴùҨաǨͨѴطҹ觪ҵ ֧觡˹طҹ觪ҵԤͧ ѧѴ-йͧ 仴ԹǨ觼Żҡ dzҴ еҧ դ§ش仴·Ѿҡøҵ ûСطҹ觪ҵ

֧˹ҷ仴ԹǨèѴطҹ觪ҵԵ 2532 á " طҹ觪ҵҴ " ѺûСȨѴطҹ觪ҵ »СҪԨҹມ 116 ͹ 9 ѹ 24 Ҿѹ 2542

ѡɳԻȢͧطҹ觪ҵЪ 繾鹷dz½觷µ͹ҧҹѹ Сͺ¾鹹ӷ Ҵ ҪŹ й˭ 40 ͺࢵطҹ觪ҵҡШࢵͻз Ҷ֧dzЧ˭ Ч ͡Ѻо ҵ зͧҧ ѧҨ dzǷ觤ࢵͧ й˭dz½ ½ࢵͷ觵 ֧Ƿͧá ࢵѧǹ ѧѴ


ҪŹ ѧתѴ㺷½觷 ͻҡӷչӷŷ֧ ԹŹ´ شԹѵ ½֡任ҳ 200 ͧdzǷ觤 鹷ҳ 48 ҧ ҾѧҾó ѹӤѭ ⡧ҧ˭ ⡧ҧ Ӿ кٹ кٹ ҵ çᴧ ç ҡ ҧ ˧͡ʹ͡ ˧͡ʹ͡ǧ ç ҧ ҡл 繵

ҪҴ ѧתdzҴµǪ½觢ͧ蹴Թз蹫Ѵ֧Ф֡仺蹴ԹздѺҡФͧԹ§ óת㹻ҪҴѴ繾ת ó㹻һѡѡɳ繾 ӵ鹤 ᵡ觡ҹҡ ˹ վת˹һлҡ 鹷ҳ 1.6 ҧ ѹ辺 ʹ зԧ ⾷ ԡ ͻ ١ҧ Ѵ ˹ · 繵

ҴԺ ѧתѴ 鹻ѡáֺҧ١ ѡ㹺dzսءͺʹ dzŧҧ һШ§ ҡз ееҧ ѹӤѭ ¹ ҧ ạ ӻ ҹ ѧ ٧ кҡ عҤ ҡ µҧ

ѧת˹ҼԹٹ ѧתѡɳо dz͡˹ҼԹٹ óתѡբҴ ԭԺ⵪ Ѵ繾ת跹ҹͤ ѹ辺 ǡ ʺʹ ѹ ѹᴧ ѹ Ѻ 쪹Դҧ 繵

ࢵ鹷Ңͧطҹ觪ҵЪ ѵҢҴ੾й繨ӹǹҡ ö¾鹷㹻ҪŹ ҪҴ еҧ ѵö 蹡Թѧ ͡ ҧź·´ ҧź ҧ ҧ ҧ͡ 繹¸ ͡ Թ Źҡ Źҡ ҡҧѴ ա ѭѹ͡ ѡ Ţ лٴ˭ лٴ اҧ СǴ ͡ҡ ҧ ҧǡԹŧ ԧ ѵѹШӾǡ˹ 繵 ѵӷ辺㹻ҪŹ ҵչ Һ ҡо Ҵء ҡеѡ ҡѧҡ ҡк͡ ᪺ 駡Ҵ ѹ 駵 ١Һ ٷ ¡з ¢鹡 ¹ҧ 繵

鹷ͺࢵطҹ觪ҵЪ ǻСѧСͧԹӷժԵҧشó ǻСѧẺǻСѧ½ öṡ 2 ǹдѺ֡ ǻСѧӵ 㹺dzҵ зͧҧ С ѧҨ Թѡô ǻСѧ֡ 㹺dzЧ˭ Ч ѡ з Թ

ժԵͧŷ辺 Сѧ Сѧ͹ Сѧ · ͧӤá ͡ оع ǻСѧ ҡٹ Ҽ Թط ԴԹտ ҵ ªԴҧ ˹ѡ ʹ ͹˹ѡ ͧ 繵 ժԵҴ˭ ູ ҵ

ѧѴժ½觷ŤǷ 222 طҹ觪ҵЪäͺ½觷Żҳ˹觢ͧǷ ҴӤѭ§лҡǪ½§ǵ˹- ǷТǷТ˭ ࢵͧ 繪Ҵʧ§ դ 1 3 ӴѺ Ҵ 繪ҴӤѭ§ͧ Ҵ⳷ ࢵͷ觵 繪Ҵ 6 㹡蹹ͧҡդҴѹ

طҹ觪ҵЪ㹾鹷֧ 40 Ӥѭ觷ͧǷӤѭ

ШТҴǷ ˹شͧطҹ觪ҵࢵͻз ҧҡ觻ҳ 11 ҹȵѹҴԹҴ¢ǹҴ ͺǻСѧд͡ ս٧ҡªԴҧء
Ԩ -ӹӵ

ҹѧҧ ҧҡӡطҹ觪ҵ 17 ѡɳ繼Թٹ٧ѹ dzͺժҴͷҺ 觴ӹӷþҴա˹ ⴴ蹴ҹ Сѧ · лҡªԴ شСѧշشҧҹȵѹͧ͡ ͧ㹺dz仴 ѧѧҾѴ Сѧ ͡ Сѧഫ ͧ dzҹͧ աͧԹӷԴŢҴ
Ԩ -ӹ֡

ҵ ¡ա˹ еѧ ҧҡӡطҹ觪ҵ 6.5 ТҴ˭ Ҵ¢ҴѺѺ⢴Թ§˹ ǻСѧҧҹ觵ѹͧ ջ觪ͺչ§ͧ͹١
Ԩ -ӹӵ

ҹ˹ҢͧѧҨ ТҴҹҧ Ҵ¢´ Ҵ § Ҵ·شҧҹͧ ӷͺ ҴöӹӪСѧ ֧ⴴ ʶҹҧ繷 ºʧ Ѻþѡ͹
Ԩ - - ӹӵ - ԨҴ 

ҹѧҧ ҡ¨֡л ...ͧкҷ稾ШŨ ʴ稷ʹ๵áѧ
Ԩ -ѵʵ

dzӡطҹ觪ҵ ҧطҹ ѴоҹҧԹ֡ҸҵԻҪŹԡùѡͧ ѡ¹ ѡ֡ ͼʹҾժԵ㹻ҪŹ оҹҧԹҡʹö ʹǼҹٹԡùѡͧ (ҤչԷȡ) ҹŧ١⡧ҧطҹ觪ҵ ѡ¹ ѡ֡лЪҪǨѧѴѹ١ ҡŴһҪŹҵԫºͧ dzͧշ Ѻŧͧ͢ 仢оҹҧԹ֡ҸҵԷաҡͧͧ ʹҧԹջͤǡѺҾժԵ㹻ҪŹ

dz§ѹʹ⾧ҧ 繨شǷȹзЪҷԵ- ͧ еҧ о鹻ҪŹҧ˭ Ѻͧþѡҧ ҧطҹ պҹѡ ʶҹҧ繷 ԡúdz⾧ҧ
Ԩ -ó - Թ֡Ҹҵ - ᤹/Ѥ - - Ƿȹ

طҹ觪ҵЪ 觷Ѻҡѡӹա˹觷ҧ觷 觴ӹ Ч˭ Ч ѡ з ҵ öժԵͧ Сѧ Сѧ͹ Сѧ · ͧӤá ͡ оع ǻСѧ ҡٹ Ҽ Թط ԴԹտ ҵ ªԴҧ ˹ѡ ʹ ͹˹ѡ ͧ 繵 ժԵҴ˭ ູ ҵ

5 ҹ⾧ҧ .Ҵ . ͧ . 86120
Ѿ 0 7755 8144-6 0 7755 8145

ҡا෾ һҳ 6-7 ҧǧ蹴ԹŢ 4 (ྪ) ҹѧѴû طʧ Ҫ ྪú ШǺբѹ Ͷ֧¡ ǫһҳ 8 ж֧ͧѧѴ

ѨغѹѧѴշҡҹ ͧѺԹҧҧҡµͻз ѧѴ

Թҧö Թҧҳ 8 - 9 ͧǹöö͡Թҧ ҡҧѹСҧ׹ ͧҡբǹö¢ǹѹ ¢öʶҹաا෾ ʶҹո

ҡʶҹբ ö¡ا෾ - зҧ 500 ֧ѧѴ ШҡѧѴ öͧѧطҹ觪ҵ зҧ 23

ἹѧѴطҹ觪ҵЪ/map of Mu Ko Chumphon National Park

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/Information of CHUMPHON


General Information
The Chumphon area is popular with Bangkok residents as it is the Gulfs nearest southern diving destination offering a wide selection of attractions, both natural and man-made, including spectacular beaches, over 40 perme-able-limestone islands, picturesque landscapes featuring waterfalls, caves and holy shrines. The other main islands in the group are; Ko NgamYai (east Cliff Rocks, Ko means island), Ko Ngam Noi , Ko Kalok , Ko Thalu , Ko Lak Ngam , Ko Samet , Ko Mattra, Ko Maphrao , Ko Lak Raet, Ko Lawa, Ko Kula , Ko Rang Ka Chiu , Ko Klaep , and Ko Khram.

Some parts of the park are included several hills eg. Khao Phongphang, Khao Bo Kha and Khao Chom Hiang where the highest peak located at the elevation of 255 m above MSL. Mu Ko Chumphon National Park covers a total area of 317 sq.kms. It also covers 70 km of the coast which includes sandy beach and mud flat. The park is relatively close to Chumphon town located 30 kms east in Hat Sai Ri.

Flora and Fauna
Chumporn Islands National Park has a lot of fertile and diversified natural resources which is very important in the term of genetic sources of wildlifes and knowledge for studying and research.

Beach forest: This forest type is characteristic of the more exposed beachfronts around the coast of Thailand and is dominated by Casurina tree (Casuarina equisetifolia), Terminalia catappa and Derris indica etc.. Due to the severe waterstress occurring above the beach zone the tree density and total species diversity in beach forest is low when compared to other forest types. This forest type has a moderately rich bird fauna.

Limestone forest: occurs on the exposed cliff faces and in the very shallow soils on top of the limestone hills and in most of the islands. Most of the plants found here are small and highly adapted to survive in this severe environment which is lack of nutrient and water. The dominant species are Ficus sp., Dracaena loureiri and Euphibia antiquorum etc..

Mangrove forest: Mangrove forest is an evergreen forest type. It is restricted to the area where freshwater and seawater mix and where the land meets the sea. It can not survive in pure freshwater or pure seawater. This forest type occurs in sheltered locations such as the mouth of streams and rivers flowing into the sea and especially in estuaries. This forest type provides good habitat for young aquatic fauna as a nursing ground, reduce hazard from strong wind and big wave, filtering pollutants in the water and also habitat for many kinds of animals e.g. crab-eating macaque, monitor lizards, birds, mollusk, fish etc. The common species found here are Rhizophora apiculata, R. mucronata, Bruguiera cylindrica, B. parviflora and Ceriop tagal etc..

Wild Animals
Because of the varieties of terain in the Chumporn Islands National Park such as mangrove forest, mountains, islands, caves, beaches and sea, let us find many kinds of animals in each area, the important ones are varieties of sea birds such as Ardeidae, Laridae, Black-headed Ibis, Swifts, etc. Varieties of reptiles such as Indiam or Bengal monitor, Water Monitor, Reticulated Python, Siamese hawksbill turtle, Green turtle and Sea Snake. Varieties of mamal animals such as Macaca irus, Flying fox, dophing, whale, and sea cow, etc. Most of coral reef that found here are hard corals such as staghorn coral, hump coral, soft coral, covered coral, and this place we can find the highest volume of black coral which are the animal in sea fan class in Thailand. Moreover we can find the whale sharks which are the biggest fish in the world here.

Mu Ko Chumphon National Park
Chumphon Province, Which has eight districts, is 500 Km (310 miles) south of Bangkok. Chumphon Town lies on the intersection of the main routes to the southwest. It was named over 600 years ago from the Thai word Chumnumphon, meaning social meeting places. White sand , blue skies, and turquoise waters. This sums up what we offer visitors looking for relaxing seaside holidays in Thailand. Coral reefs, spectacular scenery and a multitude of tropical islands let you really stretch out and relax.

Scuba diving, snorkeling, fresh sumptuous seafood, nature hikes, village visits, or just relaxing on the beach are able to be found here. Chumphon sea is very fertile and rich of marine life which is very interesting for tourists who like variety of seafood. Its reasons are the geographical feature which composes of mangrove forest, estuaries and the archipelago. Fruits are also abundant here e.g. durian, rambutan, banana, mangosteen, orange etc. Those are good presents when they go home. On Hat Sai Ri, ther is one famous shrine and monument of the Admiral Prince Chumphon Khet Udomsak who was a King Rama Vs son.

Ko Chorakhae (Chorakhae Island)
Located in the northern end of national park in Amphoe Pathio. On this island, you can find the coral.

Ko Ngam Yai (Ngam Yai Island)
Be the swallow consession island. Surrounding area of this island, 17 kilometers from headquarters is the area of scuba diving and see the perfect and beautiful coral.

Ko Maltra (Maltra Island)
This is the important shallow diving area. Maltra Island is far from the national park office about 6.5 kilometers.

Ko Thong Lang (Thong Lang Island)
Thong Lang Island, There is a beautiful white beach here.

Ko Rangka Chio (Rangka Chio Island)
The swallow conssion island which appeared the signature of his majesty the king rama 5th, at the time of his visit.

Mangrove Forest Nature Trail
This board walk, leading to mangrove forest, includes interpretative information for those wishing to understand more about the mangrove forest they are visiting.

Dive Sites
Local diving is concentrated around the outer islands and rocky outcrops in the area north and southeast of Chumphon sea. The nearer offshore islands are greatly effected by freshwater runoff and thus have unhealthy corals and little marine life; they are not really suitable for diving.

The plankton-rich waters attract a healthy diversity of marine life around the islands; fringing reefs. Populations are high and pelagics frequent. Garden of fire, staghorns and small boulders of lesser star corals dominate the fringing reef-flats, with a range of black seafans and long sea whips being confined to the lower reef-slopes.

Visibility ranges from 3m (10ft) to over 20m (66ft) and currents are moderate enough for divers of any level. In calm conditions night-diving around the islands can be very pleasant. The diving season is April to October.

Dive Sites in Mu ko Chumphon National Park are as following: Ngam Yai Island, Ngam Noi Island, Lak Ngam Island, Thalu Island, Lak Ngam Island and Mattra Island.

Contact Address
Mu Ko Chumphon National Park
Mu 5, Ban Phong Phang, Hat Sairi Sub-district, Amphur Muang Chumphon Chumphon Thailand 86120
Tel. 0 7755 8144-6 Fax 0 7755 8145 

How to go?
By Car
follow Highway No.4 (Phetkasem Road). Turn left at Pathomphon Inter-section for 8 km to reach the town, and then turn right at the clock tower onto Route 4001 (Chumphon-Pak Nam Chumphon). Before Pak Nam Chumphon, turn right to Hat Sai Ri for 20 m and then turn right again for another 8 km. The parks headquarters is on the right.

By Airplane
At present, Chumphon has an airport to serve you. This airport is located in Amphoe Patiew, Chumphon province.

By Train
It takes time about 8-9 hours, depending on type of trains. You can choose to go with any train either day-time or night-time because it has many trains to go there everyday. Please get it at Bangkok station or Thonburi station.

By Bus

Takes a bus for Bangkok-Chumphon (500 kilometers) at the new southern bus terminal. Bus fare cost about 162 baht for a normal bus, 272 baht for an air conditioning bus and 15 baht for a bus to this national park which far from the bus stop about 23 kilometers.

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