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www.dooasia.com > ѧѴѷا >ǹطҹӵҹ/Khao Chong Nature and Wild Life Study Center 

ǹطҹӵҹ/ Khao Chong Nature and Wild Life Study Center


ǹطҹͧҪº 㹷ͧҹ͡ 1 ӺŪº ͧ ѧѴѷا ͷҳ 1,875 ¡СȨѴǹطҹѹ 21 ԧҤ 2544

Թٹ躹鹷Һҧ觹ǹҧ ˹Ҽ٧ѹѺѺ͹ Ҫºըش٧ش 403 ҡдѺӷŻҹҧ ·Ҿ⢴Թ˭ Թ繴Թ˹ ԹǹԹ˹մԹǹ硹

ͧҡҤ ֧Ҿҡ§ĴٽĴ͹ սͺʹ ҧ͹Ҥ֧ѹҤ ҡȤ͹ҧʺĴ͹ҧ͹Ҥ֧¹ Ѻ㹷觺ЪͧҨçͧҡҵҧ

Ҿ繻ҴԺ ѹ辺 ¹Թ ҧ¹ кҡ § ǧ ѡ ԡŻ º ͧ Ҵ ˹ô ҧ Сٴ () ҧ » ªԴҧ عըӹǹҡ մ ᴧ ѹᴧ Ѵ ջ͡ ŧ ͺйҧᴧ ͺйҧ ͺйҧ է д١ ѹͧҺҷ 繵 ա骹ԴҧӤѭ ͧҹ

ѵҷ辺 ԧҧ Ш ͡ ҧ ҧ ҧ ѵҨӾǡ ا ʹԴҧ ҧࢹ ҧࢹҹ Թ йԹŧԴҧӹǹҡ

Ӿй͹ 繶ҧȵѹͧ͡Ҫº (ͧ) شооطٻķͧ Ъҧٹͧ鹾оطٻٹӻҧʹԴѺԧ㹶 ǺҹѺ繾оطٻѡԷ Թ͡Թ§

蹷ҹ (ҹȡ) 㹷ҺҧغҪº (ͧ) Ҿ Ѵ Ѵ() ժͧ繻еͧԴͶ֧Ӿй͹ ѴͤѴҷҧظʶҹСͺԸն͹ӾԾѲѵ Ѩغѹٻ鹧٢Ҵ˭բ㹺dzҹȡ » ҾչӼش鹨ҡԹżҹ ѺʶҹѡԷ

ش ͧҡԹٹҴ˭㹷 ͺ·觹 ǹҧ ǹ ͢仺ҨҹҴ˭дѺ٧ 300 èҡдѺӷ öͧ繷ȹҾ§ͺҹͷҧȵѹͧ͡繷Һʧ ͧ繵ͧѷا ȵѹҾѧж ش٧شʹҨ⢴Թ˭Ǻҹ¡ ѡҧ 躹ҹҧ§ҡ

˹ҼҪº (ͧ) ѡɳԹ٧ СͺԹٹչӵҶ֧繪˹һҳ 5-30 ૹ Թٹǹ˭ж١᷹亵ժ ѧ鹺dz⢴Թ˭˹Ҽҷѹ§ѺѺdz繫͡ҷѺѺ͹ ҾҴԺе˹Ҽҷ٧ѹյ鹨ѹᴧ Ѵ մ ç ҧ ˹Ҽдҹժ¡ᵡҧѹ ҴԹ ѧ ҷ͹¹ ҹҧ ŹмҾͫ 繵

.º . ͧѷا . ѷا 93000
Ѿ 0 7461 3093 0 7462 1341 


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ѷا/Information of PHATTHALUNG


General Information
Muang Kao Chai Buri Forest Park located in Kok Wua Village, Moo 1, Chai Buri Sub-district, Muang District, Pattalung Province, covered the area of about 1,875 rais. The Royal Forest Department was declared this forest park on August 21, 2001.

It is limestoned mountain located on the plain in the middle of the paddle fields and rubber tree farming. High cliffs are existed. Its highest point is 403 metres above the average sea level. Generally, it is the rocky area; consisting of clay, friable soil mixed with clay and some friable-sandy soils.

Because it is located in the south, therefore there are only 2 seasons that are rainy season and summer. In the rainy season, there will be raining all year long. During May to December, the weather is cool and fine. And the summer is started from January to April. At the open space upon the hill and the hill loop, there will be very windy because of locating in the middle of the paddle fields.

Flora and Fauna
It is the Evergreen Forest. Flora species found consist of Hopea ferrea, Dipterocarpus gracilis, Anisoptera costata, Tourneforitia ovata, Magnifera pentandra, Melanorrhoea laccifera, Sapotaceae genus, Combretaceae genus, Moraceae genus, Bombax sp., Leguminosae genus, Memecylaceae genus, Lumnitzera sp., Murraya paniculata and Acacia megaladena. Ground plants are consisting of Citrus sp., Rhapis excelsa, Caryota mitis, Musa acuminate, and various species of vine. Regarding herbal plants, there are plenty of them such as Uraria sp., Dracaena Lourieri, Euphorbia lacei, Piper sp., Acacia rugata, Bauhinia sp., KOB CHANANG DAM, KOB CHANANG DAENG, KOB CHANAGN KHAO, Eleocarpus petiolatus, Euonymus javanicus, Suregada multiflorum, and so on. There are also various orchid species such as Paphiopedilum sp.,

Fauna found consist of jungle fowl, oriole, dove, owl, nightjar, kite, common koel, various bulbul species, white-rumped forktail, oriental magpie-robin, sunbird, and various babbler species.

Pra Norn Cave (Sleeping Buddha Cave)
Pra Norn Cave (Sleeping Buddha Cave) is located in eastern part of Chai Buri Mountain (Muang Mountain). Many Bronzed Buddha images had been discovered. In addition, local sculptor had created Sleeping Bas-relief Buddha situated on cave ground which is getting respects from local people. There are beautiful stalactites inside the cave.

Tan Yor Platform
Tan Yor Platform (Asoke Base) located on the plain situated in thevalley of Chai Buri Mountain (Khao Muang) and Khoa Plu (Plu Mountain). In the past, there was the Nai Yor Temple located. There is mountain loophole where is like the door connected to Sleeping Buddha Cave. Nai Yor Temple is an old temple where was constructed in the Reign of Adhudhaya and used to be a place for the water of allegiance ritual. Presently, there is the hundreds years white scultured snake on the Asoke Base. The surrounding is fine and cool. The water from the spring flows through the area. This is called as a holy place.

View Point
View Point: because it is the huge limestone mountain where is located on the open space, surrounded with paddle fields, Rubber tree farm and fruit farms, when you go upto the wide base on top where is 300 metres above the average sea level; you will be able to see scenery around. From the east you will see the Songkhla Lake, from the south you will see Pattalung town and from the west you will see Phanom Wang Mountain and Asia Highway. On the top of the mountain there is a beautiful big rock that situated on the wide base and is called by the local people Lak Chang (Elephant Stone).

Chai Buri Cliff
Chai Buri Cliff (Khao Muang, or Muang Mountain) is high rocky mountain. It is comprising of brown-grey to dark grey limestone. It is thick about 5-30 cms. Most of the limestone is replacedwith pink or organge corobites. Therefore, most of its stone ground will be a very colourful cliff mixed with trees grown in the valley. Within its Evergreen Forest and along the high cliff there will be generally consisted of Myristica iners, Euphorbia lacei, KHON TI DAM, Cycas pectinata and Raphiopedilum sp. Each cliff has its own name i.e. Din Pra Siew Cliff, Wang Kram Cliff, Ton Sien Cliff, Nang Sai Cliff, Ru Lan Cliff, and Por Sor Cliff.

Contact Address
Mueang Kao Chai Buri Forest Park
Chai Buri Sub-district, Amphur Muang Phattalung Phattalung Thailand 93000
Tel. 0 7461 3093 Fax 0 7462 1341 

How to go?
By Car
The road from Muang District, Pattalung Province is asfalsted. You can drive up north to Chai Buri Mountain and Plu Mountain which will take about 9 kms. After that drive further to the east that will take about 6 kms. Then turn back to the south and to Muang District, Pattalung Prvince by taking the Highway no. 41. It will be about 14 kms.

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