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www.dooasia.com > ѧѴä >ǹطҹྪ - ӷͧ/Tham Phet-Tham Thong Forest Park 

ǹطҹྪ - ӷͧ/ Tham Phet-Tham Thong Forest Park


ǹطҹྪ - ӷͧ

ǹطҹྪ - ӷͧ 㹾鹷ҺdzҪ͹ ͧ 15 17 ҹҪ͹ ҹ ӺŵҤкҹ˹ͧԡ ͵ҡ ѧѴä ͷҳ 3,000 СȨѴǹطҹѹ 10 Ҥ 2540㹤Ǻ ͧӹѡҹࢵä 鹷Ѵ駻Сͺ Ҫ͹ Ңҧ ࢵ ʧǹ觪ҵ 觻С繻ʧǹ зǧѺ 2 (2501) ŧѹ 26 ѹ¹ 2501 ѧзǧɵ ѴͧзǧҴ ¡Ъ ʧ ࢵԤҧ ͧࢵʧǹ Сзǧɵ С ԡ͹ʧǹ Ъʧ͹حҵ鹷Ҫ͹ ͧ ͵Ҥ Ңҧ ͧ ͵ҡҼǡҴ¡ѹͷ 4,659 2 00 ͨѴ ǹطҹྪ-ӷͧ ˹ѧͻЪʧ .0405/109879 ŧѹ 20 ѹҤ 2539


Ҫ͹դ٧ 100 - 375 ҡдѺӷ Թ վóҡªԴ觵鹹ӢͧԹԹ ¹´Թ;ͧ Ҿ鹷͡ ҧͧ Թٹ Թ͹ ԹùԵ ʹѡɳԹѺѹѺ鹷ҺöԹԴ͡ѹ ԧҷҧԴ¾¸Թçѡ÷ 247 - 248 зҧҳ 200 ҹ Ҫ͹ͻСͺ¶ӹ˭շҧԹ͡ѹҳ 70


ʶҹͧǢͧǹطҹྪ-ӷͧ ǹ˭繨Ӿǡ ҡǨնӷҳ 70 йաþѲǪǨӹǹ 9 жդҡᵡҧѹѧ鹷ҧ֡Ҹҵзҧ 1.2 鹷ҧ֡ҸҵշѾҡøҵ¹աҡ Ѵ繨ش 鹷ҧԹ ش蹷ʹ㨢ͧǹطҹմѧ
1. ӺҤ 㹶ͧ⶧Ҵ˭ 2 ͧ Թ͡ ԹѺ繪 ҧش͹¹բǺط зѺʧ俨繻СǻдبྪѹӤ
2. ྪùҧ աӷդҡ դѺ㹵 ҧԹмѧԹ͡ԹʹԨԵþʴ觹ѡ
3. ش شǼҪ ¶ҹ价ҧȵѹ͡ ٧дѺ 345 èҡдѺӷ շȹҾ§öͧ繵ҴҤҢҧʹǴҹ͵ҡ
4. عѡ 鹡ѧ˹ҹ 繾תع÷˭ Ѵͺӵ 139 ૹ
5. ͧ鹴Թ ҳµҧ Тͧؤ

Ҿ繻ອóлҴԺ 鹷һСͺ¾ѹ骹Դҧ դҷҧɰԨ Ф ạ ԧ Ҵ 俻 ǧ ҧ عõҧ ѹᴧ ѹ ѹ Ѵ С ˹ҹ
ѵҷ辺㹺dz͡Ҫ͹ Ҿ繻ອó ҴԺ ѵªԴ § ԧ ٨ҧ

ѧء ҧҹ Թ͡Թչӵ ӵ͹ ֧բǹ ͧ⶧ 3 ͧ дѺྪ ͧʧ繻С¤¾Ҫѧ պѹ仪

ӴǴ֧ ҧҹ˹ ͧ⶧Ҵ˭ؤ 400 - 500 ժͧкҡȴҹ ӷʹ Ҿ ҹ ⾸ͧ

ӻСྪ 㹴ҹȵѹ ֡ҳ 50 ͧ⶧Ҵ˭ 5 ͧ Թ͡Թٻҧ Сᾧͧչ 繵

ӻдѺྪ ҧҹ ͧ⶧ 4 ͧ Թ͡Թչӵ͹-ǹ ʧԺѺ͹ྪ

ǹطҹྪ - ӷͧ
.Ҥ . ҡ . ä 60190
Ѿ 0 5622 1140, 0 5623 1416 0 5622 2735 reserve@dnp.go.th

Թҧǹطҹྪ - ӷͧ ҧö¹ҡا෾ ¼ҹ ¡͵Ҥ 鹷ҧ¾¸Թ ҹ͵Ҥ͵ҡ ҧѡ÷ 247 - 248 dzҧ駨նҴҧ¡ͨҡ¾¸Թҳ 200 ж֧ӡǹطҹྪ ӷͧ

ҧö˹ ا෾ - § ŧʶҹ͵Ҥ 仢ööѺҧ件ྪ - ӷͧ ҳ 12


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ä/Information of NAKHONSAWAN


Tham Phet-Tham Thong Forest Park

General Information
Thampetch-Thamthong located in the forest area of Chon Dua Mountain, in Moo 15 and Moo 17, Khao Chon Dua Village and Sra Kaew Village in Ta Klee Sub-district; and Nongpikul Village, Tak Fah District, Nakorn Sawan Province, covered the area of 3,000 rais approximately. The Royal Forest Department declared this forest park on Department on January 10, 1998.

Chon Dua Mountain is 100-375 metrs above the average sea level. Its filled with several species of flora and fauna. Its the watershed area of Hin Plern Stream, Nam Ko Stream and Dinsopong Stream. Its characteristic is small mountain where is consisting of limestone, marble and granite; located in the middle of the town. On the top of the mountain is the hills serrated with plateau which is accessible by feet. Southern foothill connected to Paholyothin road at the milestone no. 247-248, only 200 metres long. Inside the Chon Dua Mountain consisted of 70 big and small mountains with walking path connected to each other.

Flora and Fauna
Its Mixed Deciduous Forest and Dry Evergreen Forest. The mountain area consists of various flora species and economic trees i.e. Afzelia xylocarpa, Lagerstroemia sp., Hydnocarpus sp., SOMPONG, Ptercymbium javanicum, Celtis tetranda, Baccaurea sp., and Magifera sp. Ground plants are Bambusa arundinacea and various herbal plants such as Myristica genus, Euphorbiaceae genus and Bridelia stipularis.

Fauna found in Chon Dua Mountain range where is the Mixed Deciduous Forest and Dry Evergreen Forest consist of tiger, bear, barking deer, serow, wild monkey, cobra, jungle fowl and civet cat.

Wang Khai Muk Cave
located in the southern part, consisted of dark brown, light brown and creamy white stalactite, decorated with scales of diamontine which are sparkling like the palace. The ladder is accessible to cave visit.

Dawdung Cave
located on northern part, consisted of enormous halls where is able to pack 400-500 persons at a time. Openings are on top.

Prakai Petch Cave
Prakai Petch Cave: Located in the western part, approximately 50 metres depth. There are 5 huge halls inside decorated with dolphin shaped and Great China Wall shaped stalactites.

Pradap Petch Cave
located in the southern part, consisted of 4 rooms inside, light brown to creamy white stalactites, sparkling like diamonds.

Contact Address
Tham Phet-Tham Thong Forest Park
Ta Klee Sub-district, Amphur Tak Fa Nakhon Sawan Thailand 60190
Tel. 0 5622 1140, 0 5623 1416 Fax 0 5622 2735 E-mail reserve@dnp.go.th

How to go?
By Car
You can take the Asia Highway from Bangkok to Thampetch-Thamthong Forest Park, turn left to Ta Klee District on the Pahol Yothin road, get through Ta Klee District to Tak Fah District between the milestone no. 247-248. From the left hand side intersection of Pahol Yothin road, at the curve, there will be asphalsted road. From here it will be about 200 metres away from the Thampaetch-Thamthong Forest Park.

By Train
Northern Railaway: You can take the train from Bangkok to Chiang Mai and get off at the Ta Klee station, then get on the bus or hired taxi to Thampetch-Thamthong. It takes about 12 kms.

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ԭйӡԹҧ ѡ ҹ ʶҹͧ зѺ

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