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طҹ觪ҵŹ/ Phu Laenkha National Park


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繾鹷յ鹡 繨ӹǹҡ㹻ѧ СШѴШ·Ǿ鹷Թҹŧҧ 觨ա͹Թ˭ªҧ
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Ἱطҹ觪ҵŹ/map of Phu Laenkha National Park

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طҹ觪ҵŹ/ Phu Laenkha National Park


General Information
Phu Lan Ka National Park, in Huy Ton Sub-district, Muang District, Phu Lan Ka Sub-district, Kewa District, Kud Chum Sang Sub-district, Kumuang Sub-district, Nong Bua Dang District, Ban Diua Sub-district, None Kok Sub-district, Sra Phon Tong Sub-District, Kaset Somboon District, Chaiyaphum Province, is productive forest and habitat of many kinds of animal. There are many unique and beautiful places for examples Hin Ngam Chan Dang Forest, Natural Arch Rock, Orchid Cliff, Tard Hin Dard Waterfall, Tard Tone Waterfall, Pra Cave, Keng Cliff and Pair Cliff. The area has convenient way to visit and is about 200.5squares kilometers or 125,312.5 Rai.

Most of this conserved forest is in the mountain ranges such as Phu Lan Ka, Phu Kiew and Phu Khum Noi. The area consists of complicated mountains and plateaus approximately 200 to 725 meters above sea level. There are mountain peak 669 meters high in northwest part and Phu Lan Ka Mountain, the highest peak 725 meters, in northeast part. The south area is sloping plain about 200 to 500 meters above sea level. The north part is very-slope area, most of it is cliffs.

The weather in this area is three seasons; summer from February to May; rainy season from March to September; and winter from October to January.

Flora and Fauna
There area consists of productive forest such as deciduous forest, semi-evergreen forest, mixed forest and grass field. The valuable trees are Siamese sal, ingyin, Hiang (a kind of Dipterocarpaceae), Burmese ebony, Tabag (a kind of Lagerstroemia), eng, ironwood, rosewood, rauwolfia, black plum, Payom (a kind of Dipterocarpaceae), Krabog (a kind of Ixonanthaceae), Malabar ironwood, rattan, many kinds of orchid, grass and herb.

Animals found are hare, monkey, wild boar, ground dwelling squirrel, flying squirrel, noisy rat, mongoose, palm civet, and many kinds of bird, snake, fish and insect.

Millitary Area
The area was used to be the military area using for attacking and expelling terrorist. All of the area is military base and locating area of battle equipment.

Hin Ngan Chun Dang Forest
There are many beautiful and wonderful-shape rocks and big boulders which some have been occupied by red sandalwood. That is the unique thing of this area.

Natural Arch Rock
Different from Hin Ngam Chan Dang Forest because there is a big boulder which its shape looks like Arch.

Hin Rong Kla View Point
It is a large plain of rock, its surface scratches and has many deep holes so that that makes some are the high and erected cliffs 700-800 meters above sea level.

Hin Prasart Forest View Point
There is a big rock, the unique thing in this area, looks like Prasart (a castle). The area is also a good place for traveler to enjoy seeing scenery.

Orchid Cliff
They are high cliffs cascading and lying next to each other. A number of rare orchids are growing all over the cliff.

Thung Dok Krajiew in Hin Ngam Thung Klong Chang Forest
This area has a great number of Krajiew (Curcuma parviflora Wall) in deciduous forest. Krajiew is also scattering all over Hin Ngam Thung Klong Chang Forest which has a big boulder look like an elephant.

Tard Hin Dard Waterfall
The waterfall causes by Huai Hin Dard, a stream which is the source of water.

Sra Kaew Pond
There are three natural ponds next to each other and has wild waterlily in the ponds. It is a legend told that local people found footprints of Buddha in the ponds so that is believed by local people a holy place and Buddha place.

Khao Khad
Causing by sinking and bending up of Pung Heay and Lan Kha Mountain Range, and the She River is running through, so that make this area be the place for traveler to enjoy natural scenery.

She River
She River is a river running through Mountain Range. The unique thing in this area are She River herself and Mountain Range.

Keng Cliff
The high and unique cliff which has big rock jut out off the cliff is the good area for traveler enjoying scenery.

Pair Cliff
The big cliff, caused by bending up and sinking down of rock, has layers of rock which consist of unique rock in different color and strange feature.

Pra Cave
In Pra Cave, caused by the bending up of rock and erosion by water, local people searched and found antique such as Buddha images, remains of antique, and many valuable things, so that makes it has been the legend told ever since. Many kinds of animal also inhabit in the Cave.

Thep Bhucha View Point
The area is a small plain near, and named after, Thep Bhucha House of Monks. It is, about 700-800 meters above sea level, a view point for exploring natural scenery.

Tard Tone Noi Waterfall
The waterfall, caused by many big and small streams running from Phu Kaset Mountain Range, has water all year round.

Contact Address
Phu Laenkha National Park
Amphur Muang Chaiyaphum Chaiyaphum Thailand 36000
Tel. 0 9579 3256 

How to go?
By Car
From Bangkok, use national road number 1 to Pathun Thani Province, Ayudhaya Province and Saraburi Province approximately 170 kilometers. Then use national road number 2 to Muag Lek District, Pak Chong District to Si Kiew District approximately 85 kilometers. After that use national road number 201 to Dan Khun Tode District, Jatturas District, Chaiyaphum Province approximately 120 kilometers. Sum of the distances are about 312 kilometers. After get to the destination, traveler can also travel by public roads in the area.

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