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Area: 678,6 sq. km 鹷: 678,6 ҧ
Population: 52,5 thousand habitants(2007) Ъҡ: 52,5 ѹ habitants (2007)
Administrative division: º:
- Townlet: һ - Townlet: һ
- Communes: Ban Khoang, Ta Giang Phinh, Trung Chai, Ta Phin, Sa Pa, San Sa Ho, Ban Phung, Lao Chai, Hau Thao, Thanh Kim, Ta Van, Su Pan, Suoi Thau, Ban Ho, Thanh Phu, Nam Sai, Nam Cang. - Communes ҹ Khoang, Giang Phinh, Trung , Phin, Pa, San κҹ Phung Ǫ, Hau , Thanh Kim, Van, Pan, Suoi Thau ҹ Ho, Thanh Phu, ӷ, Cang.


Located 38km from Lao Cai City, һ is a mountainous district of Lao Cai Province. 38km ҡ CAI ͧ һ ࢵҢͧ CAI Province. һ District is very well-known with һ Townlet, a beautiful and romantic resort. һ District ҡѡѹաѺ һ Townlet 췷§ԡ.

At the height of 1,600m above sea level, the average temperature of the area is 15-18 o C. It is cool in summer and cold in winter. ٧ 1,600 ˹дѺӷŷس¢ͧ鹷 15-18 o C. Ĵ͹˹Ĵ˹ .

Visitor to һ in summer can feel the climate of four seasons in one day. Ҫ һ Ĵ͹֡ҡĴ˹ѹ. In the morning and afternoon, it is cool like the weather of spring and autumn. 㹪ǧЪǧ¨͹ҡĴĴǧ. At noon, it is as sunny and cloudless as the weather of summer. §ᴴ͡ҡȢͧĴ͹. And it is cold in the evening. Ш˹㹵͹. With no advance warning of a thunderstorm short and heavy rains may come at noon on any summer day. Subsequently, a rainbow appears, transforming һ into a magic land, which for years has been a constant source of poetic inspiration, lights up the whole region. ա͹ǧ˹ա鹽Ҥйͧн˹ѡҨ§ѹĴ͹. ѧ, 駻ҡ㹷Թŧ һ ҡū觻Ѻ觤ͧçѹ㨢ͧ, 俶֧鹷 .

The best time to witness the scenic beauty of һ is in April and May. ҷշش繾ҹ㹤ͧ һ ͹¹оҤ. Before that period, the weather might be cold and foggy; after that period is the rainy season. ͹ǧҡҨ͡˹; ѧҡҷĴٽ. In April and May, һ is blooming with flowers and green pastures. ͹¹оҤ, һ 繡ѧҹ͡з˭. The clouds that settle in the valley in early morning quickly disappear into thin air. 駶蹰ҹغ㹵͹ҧǴҡȺҧ.

һ has many natural sites such as Ham Rong Mountain, Silver Waterfall, Rattan Bridge, Bamboo Forest and Ta Phin Cave.һ is also the starting point for many climbers and scientists who want to reach the top of Fansipan Mountain, the highest mountain in vietnam at 3,143m. һ sites ҵҡͧ Mountain, Silver ӵ, оҹз Phin Cave.һ ѧ繨شѺ climbers ҡйѡԷʵͧҶ֧ҹͧ Fansipan Mountain, ҷ٧ش´ 3,143 . Hoang Lien Mountain Range is also called the Alps of the North Sea area since Fansipan Mountain is not only the highest peak in vietnam, but also in the Indochina Peninsula. Hoang Դ Mountain Range ¡ѧ͡Żͧ鹷Ҥ˹ͷŵ Fansipan Mountain ੾ʹش´ѧ㹤ҺطԹ⴨չ. The pyramid-shaped mountain is covered with clouds all year round and temperatures often drop below zero, especially at high elevations. Դ-ٻʹ駻سѡҧҹҧٹ੾з٧ elevations.

The first thing you notice when approaching the resort town are some detached wooden mansions and villas perched on a hill top or hillside, behind thick pine forests and almost invisible on this foggy morning. áسѧࡵͧҡҡ繺ҧ mansions ҵ躹ͺԹѧ˹ҵʹ᷺ͧ㹪ǧ͡˹ҹ. Old and new villas with red roofs now appear and now disappear in the green rows of pomu trees, bringing the town the beauty of European towns. ҹ roofs ᴧҡйТйǢͧ pomu, ͧͧͧû.

Fresh and cool air in һ is an idea climate condition for growing temperate vegetables such as cabbage, chayote, precious medicinal herbs, and fruit trees such as plum, pear... ʴҡ һ ҾҡǤԴԺ⵼ѡ蹡ӻ, chayote, عդ蹾, ...


һ is home to various families of flowers of captivating colours, which can be found nowhere else in the country. һ ջѵԤͺǵҧͧ͡չѡöշ˹㹻. When Tet, the Lunar New Year Festival, comes, the whole township of һ is filled with the pink colour of peach blossom brought from the vast forests of peach just outside the town. һ is regarded as the kingdom of orchids. Tet, ҧѹäȡҶ֧ͧ һ 仴ժ٢ͧԾժҨҡҡ¢ͧժͧ͡. һ жӹҨͧ. Here, orchid lovers are even amazed by the choice, when trekking in the forest filled with several hundred kinds of orchids of brilliant colours and fantastic shapes, such as Orchid Princess, Orchid of My Fair Lady's Shoe. 褹ѡлҴ͡ trekking 㹻仴ªԴͧءٻçšҴ蹡ҹͧ Fair ͧͧҷ. Some orchids are named after lovely singing birds such as the canary, salangane's nest, and more. ҧѧҡ蹡ͧŧѡͧ͹ѧ salangane ͧ.

һ is most beautiful in spring. һ §ش spring. Apricot, plum and cherry flowers are splendidly beautiful. Apricot, 繴͡ºԴ. Markets are crowded and merry, and are especially attractive to visitors. Ҵ˹Ф֡繷ʹ੾мҪ. Minority groups come here to exchange and trade goods and products. ǹҷš¹СäԹмԵѳ. Market sessions are also a chance for locals to promenade and young men and women in colorful costumes to meet, date or seek sweethearts. ǧҴѧ͡ѺͧԹЪ˹˭ԧͧ觡ѹçѺѹ͢ sweethearts.

Visitors to һ will have opportunities to discover the unique customs of the local residents. Ҫ һ ͡ʾླ͡ѡɳͧǷͧ.


information from http://www.vietnamtourism.com Ũҡ http://www.vietnamtourism.com

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